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Why Choose YISKA?

It's Personal

YISKA is a Disabled Artist and established performer with over ten years' experience.

Facing significant barriers to achieving success in music, YISKA is on a mission to transform the industry and advance accessibility for both artists and audiences.

YISKA was trained by the Centre for Accessible Environments to carry out full access audits.

YISKA was awarded a Gold Certificate in the Disability Equality for the Live Event Industry Training delivered by Attitude is Everything and Falmouth University.

YISKA backstage, walking down stairs with her walking stick

Revolutionising Access

YISKA takes an 'Access First' approach, because Access should not be an afterthought.

Access is a human right.

YISKA's work is intersectional, innovative and bold: we are all invited to be part of a radical reimagining of accessibility for a future that is both exciting and possible.

YISKA performing with her walking stick on stage

Services Include:

  • Access audits

  • Awareness talks

  • Organisation-wide training

  • In-depth workshops

  • Bespoke packages tailored to your needs

NoteWorthy Access logo, a circle with a stave and musical notes
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